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Hi everyone, I’d like some input.

My wife and I struggle to make ends meet. We strictly budget everything down to the dollar, without a lot of wiggle room. This includes our groceries, which we have a set $ amount we spend, no more.

Recently our DD dropped the milk and spilled it. It was 5 days to payday and we’d already done our grocery shopping. My wife said she’d figure it out. I know she has a little money stashed for herself that she’s gotten from selling some of her clothes recently, so when she came home with milk and a bag of chips for the kids as a treat, I figured she must have decided to dip into that. Boy was I wrong.

The next week I noticed our food was a little...higher quality. A couple of brand name things, even a roast on Sunday with asparagus. I figured she must have gotten some killer deals, but when I asked she said “oh no, I found a bunch of money off coupons.” Then she showed a few to me.

They were those “Earn 0.07$ a gallon” receipts you get at the gas station. She had gone there and dug through the garbage! She said she got about 5$ worth of these receipts the first time when we needed milk, and went back the next week for more, netting about 30$ total.

I was speechless. I asked her how she could lower herself like that. She replied that she did it for our kids. When I asked why she didn’t use her money she had saved, she said it was hers and she was saving it for something special.

I’m so disgusted guys. I can’t believe she did this. I don’t even want to look at her. She on the other hand is mad at me, and says I’m an asshole for being mad, and for expecting her to use her saved money instead. AITA for expecting my wife NOT to dumpster dive?

Edit: OK! I am definitely the asshole. After reading all of your comments, I really thought about it. I talked to my wife, and told her I was sorry for the way I acted. She is annoyed but willing to forgive me. I was actually mad at myself. The reason we are struggling is because I was in an accident a few months ago. I slid through a stop light on an icy road. It has permanently affected my ability to work in the trade I’ve worked in for 15 years. I’m on disability through my employer but it isn’t even half of what I used to make. We are getting by, but it is tight. And I don’t know what we are going to do when it runs out. My wife is stretching every dollar (she takes care of the finances). I guess I was just mad at myself because I can’t take care of my family anymore, and lashed out. I’m going to give her a foot rub tonight. Thanks for the honesty guys.

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