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About Me:

I've been a writer all my life. Ever since I can remember, I've made up stories and written them down, but it's only been since the beginning of 2015 that I decided I would try and write professionally to work towards becoming an author. I've learned from books, published authors, and from editors and I am still learning.

Below are a list of links you might find to be of interest.

Instagram - this has new information about my reading and writing exploits and random bits and pieces from my life.

Wattpad - this contains writings that I don't plan on publishing.

My Blog - this is my blog that I try to update when important things come up (it doesn't get updates often).

Patreon - I started a Patreon and am planning some pretty cool things if it picks up.

Dungeon Master's Guild Content - to be updated.

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I've never really liked the fan base for anything except D&D and Pathfinder because they create something for us to have a bunch more fun with.

I guess the same goes with Skyrim fans with some modding experience.

For me to actually like a fan base, they have to do something that makes it worth liking them. Otherwise, I couldn't give a damn about who likes what popular /movie/tv show/book/game/etc.

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Half asleep and super aroused, a mate of mine tried to fuck his fan. The cool air woke him up before he could lose Jnr.

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Sounds good to me. Other paranormal subreddits seem to want proof. How can I prove events that happened in my past? I'm not a ghosthunter and in my childhood, we didn't have more than 3 TV stations, no video recorders, nothing like that. We considered ourselves lucky to have FM radio and color TV. Good luck to you mods. I hope your subreddit is a hit, and I promise to tell the truth. :) Can't wait to read the posts!

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Moderator of r/Ghoststories, speaking officially2 points · 4 days ago

Here, you don't need proof. Just try and recall events the best you can. As stated in the rules though, images, video, and audio may be added to the subreddit if they back up or prove your story. Thanks for joining us!

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Moderator of r/Ghoststories, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 5 days ago · Stickied comment

From now on, please follow rule number two in our rules section. It's not hard.

The only images, videos, or audio you're allowed to post here are ones that relate to evidence that backs up your written story.

If your story is in video/audio format, please write it down and post it here. This isn't a place for self promotion.

We don't have many rules, so the least we can do is ask you to follow them.

This post will now be removed.

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I hope you can get some good advice. I mostly write in third person unless it's a short story. In third person, I have the character think something as though he'd/she'd be talking to a brick wall.

I never even considered they'd be telling the truth. Spirits, psychics, and other worlds? It just sounded like fiction to me. Joseph fell into his chair, looking at the palm of his hands.

Heck, I might not even do it well. But that's from a short story I'm working on for a short story collection.

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Because Ewan McGregor is our lord and saviour.

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I honestly want to see what happens. So I hope thousands of people do turn up to storm the place. It would be a day for the history books, even if it's just a placeholder for the massacre of rebellious civilians.

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Np and welcome to Reddit!

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Glad to see people of our sub are nice and welcoming. Keep up the good work!

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